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Naturally Healthy Labs produces various ionized Bioactive Colloidal Silver products which kills

bad bacteria, viruses and fungi rapidly without any adverse effects to the body.

Bioactive Colloidal Silver.


Naturally Healthy Labs mission is to produce the finest bioactive colloidal products which provide the highest level of effectiveness. In addition to our core product, we also offer superior gold colloid products for use as dietary supplements. Our bioactive colloids provide the body with an optimized particle size to maintain optimum health. By maximizing the particle surface area of the nanometer sized particles we keep our products in the forefront of quality and effectiveness.

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Silver Nanoparticles (AgNP) Size is Important.

There is a lot of disinformation on the internet about particle sizes and why smaller is better.

Particle size plays a big part in the efficacy of silver nanoparticles. However smallest does not mean best. There are literally hundreds of research papers published in the scientific journals which show that silver nanoparticles (not ionic silver) is very effective against a wide range of pathogens including bacteria, viruses, and fungus, All of these papers show the effective size in the range of 10 to 20 nanometers in diameter. There are also research papers which show that particles smaller than this range become toxic to healthy human cells.

Colloidal silver produced by Naturally Healthy Labs methods has particles averaging about 16 nanometers in diameter as determined by their surface plasmon resonance. 20 ppm solutions with 16 nanometer average particle size are clear yellow in color, about the color of Johnson’s baby shampoo. At higher ppm, the 14nm particles appear brownish in color. At slightly larger size, the color shifts slightly to orange, and at slightly smaller size, it shifts very slightly to having a green tint.

As average particle size decreases from the optimum 16 nm, the color shifts toward green below 10nm, to clear at less than 5nm. Clear colloidal silver is toxic and will cause argyria, the blue discoloration of the skin.

Colloidal Silver.

Why Clear Yellow In Color?

Surface plasmon resonance is the absorption of light by nanoparticles which causes their specific color. 16nm particles absorb blue light, leaving red and green, which the eye sees as yellow. So the color is determined by particle size.

The human eye has cones in its retina which detect blue, green, and red wavelengths. If the brain perceives yellow color, its because the eye detected green and red together. Because of this, yellow colloidal silver with a slight green tint does not mean that all the particles are smaller. It means that there are fewer larger particles that would resonate with and remove green or appear red.

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